st.Ennodius of Pavia-Bishop of Pavia, Father of the Church

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Feast Day : July 17



Magnus Felix Ennodius is believed to have been born at Arles, in southern Gaul, in 474. As a youth he went to Pavia, Italy, where he was trained in rhetoric and became engaged. Later he decided to join the priesthood, his fiancée at the same time becoming a nun; it does not appear that they were ever married. In 496, his uncle Laurentius, Bishop of Milan, had him transferred to that city. Ennodius was ordained a deacon and began teaching in the schools. He also became embroiled in ecclesiastical controversies when he served as secretary to his uncle, who weighed in on the side of Pope St. Symmachus (r. 498–514) in 498. About 514, Ennodius was made bishop of Pavia. In 515 and 517 he was sent by Pope St. Hormisdas (r. 514–523) to Constantinople as part of his ultimately successful campaign to bridge the long-standing schism between the Eastern and Western churches. Nothing further is known about Ennodius’s episcopate, though the texts of several hymns he composed have come down to us. He died at Pavia on July 17, 521.

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