st.Felix I-Pope

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Feast Day : May 30



Nothing is known about the early life of Felix, the son of Constantius. He was presumably a presbyter or priest in the Church of Rome when he was elected to succeed St. Dionysius as bishop on January 5, 269. Felix is remembered for his condemnation of the heresy of Paul of Samosata, for a time bishop of Antioch. Paul had already been deposed by the Synod of Antioch when Felix became aware of the matter, but as pope he dispatched a letter supporting the synod’s views. Like other second- and third-century heretics, Paul maintained that there was no unity to the Holy Trinity and that Jesus had been a man who received supernatural powers at his baptism. Felix died a natural death on December 30, 274, and was interred in the papal crypt of the Catacomb of St. Callistus. In art, he is shown as a pope with an anchor.

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