st.Leo II-Pope

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Feast Day : June 28 (formerly July 3)



Leo was born in Sicily, the son of Paul. Although he was elected to the Chair of St. Peter to succeed Pope St. Agatho (r. 678–681) a few days after the latter’s death in June 681, he was not consecrated until August 17 of the following year, after Emperor Constantine IV Pognatus confirmed his nomination. Leo was known as a fine preacher with an interest in music (he was trained in the papal choir school). He had a profound concern for the poor. Leo’s most important act as pope was to confirm the acts of the Sixth Ecumenical Council of 680–681, which condemned the heresy of Monothelitism and censured Pope Honorius I (r. 625–638) for his failure to do likewise. Fearing that the Lombards, who had sacked Rome, might again ravage the catacombs, Leo had many of the relics of the martyrs removed and translated to a church he had built to receive them. Leo died on June 28, 683, after a reign of only 10 months. He is commemorated as a saint in the Roman Martyrology.

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