st.Proclus-Patriarch of Constantinople, Father of the Church

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Feast Day : October 24 in the West; November 20 in the East



Proclus was born in Constantinople. A good student, he became a lector at an early age and was especially skilled in rhetoric. He studied under St. John Chrysostom, and then became secretary to one of John’s opponents, Atticus, who became patriarch of Constantinople after the deposition of John. Atticus ordained Proclus a priest. But when Atticus died, Proclus was passed over for patriarch in favor of Sissinus. When Sissinus died in 427, Proclus was passed over again in favor of Nestorius. Nestorius was deposed for heresy by the Council of Ephesus in 431, and Proclus lost out still again to Maximian. Finally he was made patriarch upon the death of Maximian ca. 434. In 438 Proclus translated the body of John Chrysostom to the Church of the Apostles in Constantinople. Proclus died in Constantinople in 446 or 447. He wrote important treatises and homilies and argued against heresies. Most notable among his works is Tome of St. Proclus, about the two natures of Christ, aimed at the unorthodox teachings of Theodore of Mopsuestia.

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