St.Agostina Petrantoni-Martyr of charity Also known as: Agostina Pietrantoni, Livia Pietranton

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  St.Agostina Petrantoni

Agostina Petrantoni (1864–1894)



Little is known of Agostina Petrantoni’s early life beyond her birthplace of Pozzaglia Sabina in Rieti, Italy. She was born on March 27, 1864, and was given the name Livia. She joined the Sisters of Charity and dedicated her life in service to the sick, working at the Holy Spirit Hospital in Rome. From 1886 on she worked with the most critically ill patients, succumbing to many of their diseases.After contracting tuberculosis, Agostina asked to serve in the tuberculosis ward exclusively. She died in 1894 when a tuberculosis patient stabbed her to death after a rape attempt. Her last words were a prayer for her attacker’s forgiveness. In his speech at her canonization, Pope John Paul II said that Sister Agostina understood the gift of generous service, especially to the neediest, in whose faces is reflected the face of Christ. Canonized: April 18, 1999, by Pope John Paul II Patronage: abuse victims; martyrs; people ridiculed for piety; against poverty

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