st.Ursus-Archdeacon of Aosta, Italy, and miracle-worker

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Feast Day : February 1



A native of Ireland, Ursus traveled to Europe and was made archdeacon of Aosta in northern Italy, where he spent many years preaching against the Arian heresy. Ursus is credited with miraculously manifesting a stream of water in time of need. On a hot summer day in rural Burseia, he listened to people complaining about the lack of a fountain. Calling up his faith that all things are possible for those who believe, he struck the rock with his staff and a fountain bubbled forth. It was named St. Bear’s Fountain, and was still bearing water in the 13th century. His story is similar to stories of other saints who struck rocks with staffs to find water. St. Ursus is depicted in art as striking a rock with his staff.

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