The Prince Of Peace

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Isaiah also calls Jesus “the Prince of Peace.” He is a Prince now and will ultimately be recognized not only as a king but as the King of kings (Revelation 19:16). As the Prince of Peace, Jesus can meet the deepest need in the human heart-that of peace with God, with himself, and with others round about him. Peace with God is a result of our justification and based on his shed blood at the cross (Romans 5: 1; Ephesians 2:13; Colossians 1:20). He is both the God of Peace (Philippians 4:9) and Jehovah Shalom (Judges 6:24). Notice how these five names suggested by Isaiah relate to the ministry of Christ. He was Wonderful in life as He performed various signs and wonders to demonstrate who He was. He was our Counselor by example and teaching. And He perpetuated His counsel by giving us the New Testament. In His resurrection He demonstrated Himself to be the Mighty God. He ascended into glory as our Everlasting Father, and when He returns, He will do so as the Prince of Peace.

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