Temptation as a Teacher

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Temptation as a Teacher


Temptation as a Teacher




MY CHILD, when a man of good will is bothered by evil thoughts and inclinations, he understands more deeply how much he needs Me. He is impressed by his natural weakness in trying to live a good life.


2. He realizes that perfect security and peace are not to be had in this world. Then he finds this life less attractive. Death seems to frighten him less because it is the doorway to Heaven. He may even pray for it to free him from the temptations which surround him.


3. Fear not! Have confidence in Me! After such a storm you will be as strong as ever. I am always near, to help you grow ever more in goodness and holiness. You will come out of your trial a better and wiser man.


4. Is anything diflicult to Me? Will I fail to keep My promises? Stand firm and keep fighting against your temptations. Have patience! Be brave and wait for My grace. Your fears will be conquered by a strong faith and confidence in Me. When you are ready for it, My comfort and consolation will come to you.





Temptations tend to sadden and discourage a good man. Yet, he needs simply to turn to God for help, and then do his best. As long as he is doing his best, he should not fear, nor worry, nor be discouraged. His wisdom and peace will grow as he sees the passing nature of his trial.




My Lord, in all my trials and temptations, may I keep my eyes on You! Then it will be much easier to see the falseness of earthly attractions. I will refuse to be saddened, frightened, or discouraged by temptations. Nor will I be surprised at the rebellion of my own blind appetites and desires. For You I hope to fight and conquer all evil tendencies. Amen.

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