Variety of Temptations

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Variety of Temptations


Variety of Temptations




MY CHILD, some have to bear serious temptations when they resolve to turn to Me. Others have to fight great temptations towards the end of a good life. There are some who are bothered by temptations throughout most of their lifetime.


2. Some persons are tempted lightly, in accordance with My wisdom and justice. I have consideration for the condition and merits of each man, and I plan all things for the salvation of those who love My law.


3. Some persons are spared from serious temptations and they are often overcome by light ones in their daily life. I permit this, so that these people may be humbled in their own eyes. Being aware of their weakness, they will not presume on their own strength and fall into serious sin. 


4. When you experience temptations, do not fear nor despair. Pray for My help and then do what you can to remove the temptation. Remember the inspired words, “God is faithful and will not permit you to be tempted beyond your strength, but with the temptation He will also give you a way out, that you may be able to bear it.”




May I never become so self-centered as to think that I am the only one who sufiers temptations. There is no more pitiful sight than to meet someone who feels that he has greater trials than everyone else. Every man has his cross and some people have to bear far more than I ever could. And yet, this is not a Christian motive for patience and perseverance in time of trial and temptation. The true follower of Christ has higher reasons for fighting temptation. His reasons are supernatural. He wishes to avoid hell, or a longer Purgatory than he now has. He desires to make reparation for past sins by his present efforts. He wants to please God by overcoming his faults or increasing his virtues. He seeks to help the holy souls in Purgatory. He is striving to obtain a particular favor for himself or some other person on earth. He may even be working to insure or increase his glory in Heaven. Finally, he may have the highest motive of all to give God an unselfish proof of love, by simply embracing his trials because they are a part of God’s all-wise plan.





My Jesus, let me do my best to live my daily life in loyalty to You, my King. I do not want to complain nor pity myself. I desire, with Your help, to face each task or trial and to handle it as You desire. Life’s daily temptations can make me a real saint. I will not look for trouble, Lord, but I will do my best to face each hour’s duties and trials for You. May I work, rest, play and sufier as You desire of me. Amen.

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