Sts Crispin and Crispinian

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Sts Crispin and Crispinian Martyrs (-304) Saint Of the day October 25



Sts Crispin and Crispinian

Martyrs (-304)

Saint Of the day October 25


These two glorious martyrs came from Rome to preach the Faith in Gaul (France) toward the middle of the 2nd century. They were said to be brothers and from a noble family. They fixed their residence at Soissons, and instructed many in the Christian Faith which they preached publicly during the day; at night, in imitation of St Paul, they worked with their hands, making shoes. The infidels listened to their instructions, and were astonished at the example of their lives, especially of their charity, disinterestedness, heavenly piety and contempt of glory and all earthly things. As a result, many were converted to the Faith.


They had continued their missionary activities and employment for several years when a complaint was lodged against them, before the Emperor, Maximian. The Emperor, to gratify their accusers and give way to his savage cruelty, ordered that they should be convened before Rictiovarus, the most implacable enemy of the Christians. He tormented them mercilessly in a bid to kill them by various methods such as drowning, boiling, etc., but all his attempts on their life proved in vain. In a surge of despair and fury he took his own life by jumping into the fire prepared for them. Thereupon, on Maximian’s orders they were beheaded.


Later, a church was built over their bodies, and St Eligius the Smith, embellished their shrine. They are traditionally venerated as patrons of. shoemakers, cobblers and other leather workers.

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