Sirach Chapter 48-Catholic Bible Reading Online

The Book of Sirach 10-05-2024, 18:56

Sirach Chapter 48 - Catholic Bible Reading Online

Sirach Chapter 48 - Catholic Bible Reading Online

Sirach Chapter 48 in the Catholic Bible, exploring its rich teachings and significance. Read online for insights into this profound text.

Sirach 48:1 And the prophet Elijah arose like a fire, and his word burned like a torch.


Sirach 48:2 He brought a famine upon them, and those who provoked him in their envy became few. For they could not bear the precepts of the Lord.


Sirach 48:3 By the word of the Lord, he closed the heavens, and he brought down fire from heaven three times.


Sirach 48:4 In this way, Elijah was magnified in his wondrous works. So who can say that he is similar to you in glory?


Sirach 48:5 He raised up a dead man from the grave, from the fate of death, by the word of the Lord God.


Sirach 48:6 He threw down kings unto perdition, and he easily shattered their power and boasting from his bed.


Sirach 48:7 He heeded the judgment at Sinai, and the judgments of punishment at Horeb.


Sirach 48:8 He anointed kings unto repentance, and he chose the prophets who would follow after him.


Sirach 48:9 He was received into a whirlwind of fire, into a swift chariot with fiery horses.


Sirach 48:10 He is written in the judgments of the times, so as to lessen the wrath of the Lord, to reconcile the heart of the father to the son, and to restore the tribes of Jacob.


Sirach 48:11 Blessed are those who saw you, and who were adorned with your friendship.


Sirach 48:12 For we live only in our life, and after death, our name will not be the same.


Sirach 48:13 Certainly, Elijah was covered by the whirlwind, and his spirit was completed in Elisha. In his days, he was not fearful of the ruler, and no power defeated him.


Sirach 48:14 No word overwhelmed him, and after death, his body prophesied.


Sirach 48:15 In his life, he gave great portents, and in death, he wrought miracles.


Sirach 48:16 In all these things, the people did not repent, and they did not withdraw from their sins, even until they were cast out of their land, and were dispersed throughout all the earth.


Sirach 48:17 And there was left behind a people very few in number, but with a leader in the house of David.


Sirach 48:18 Some of these did what pleased God. But others committed many sins.


Sirach 48:19 Hezekiah fortified his city, and he brought water into its midst, and he dug into rock with iron, and he built a well for water.


Sirach 48:20 In his days, Sennacherib rose up, and he sent Rabshakeh, and he lifted up his hand against them, and he extended his hand against Zion, and he became arrogant in his power.


Sirach 48:21 Then their hearts and hands shook. And they were in pain, like women giving birth.


Sirach 48:22 And they called upon the merciful Lord. And they spread their hands and lifted them up to heaven. And the holy Lord God quickly heeded their voice.


Sirach 48:23 He was not mindful of their sins, and he did not give them over to their enemies. Instead, he purified them by the hand of Isaiah, the holy prophet.


Sirach 48:24 He threw down the army of the Assyrians, and the Angel of the Lord crushed them.


Sirach 48:25 For Hezekiah did what pleased God, and he went with fortitude in the way of David his father, just as he had been commanded by Isaiah, a prophet great and faithful in the sight of God.


Sirach 48:26 In his days, the sun went backwards, and he added to the king’s life.


Sirach 48:27 With a great spirit he saw the final things. And he consoled the mourners in Zion.


Sirach 48:28 He revealed the future, even the distant future, and hidden things before they occurred.

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