st.Ulrich-Benedictine monk and monastery founder

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Feast Day : July 14



Ulrich was born in Ratisbon, Germany. He served as a page at the court of Empress Agnes, but left to enter the religious life. He became archdeacon of the cathedral in Ratisbon. But while on a pilgrimage to Rome and Jerusalem, another man was appointed to his position. In 1052, Ulrich went to Cluny and became a Benedictine monk. After ordination, he was named chaplain to the nuns at Marcigny. Loss of sight in one eye caused him to resign and return to Cluny. Ulrich then was prior at Peterlingen, was founding friar of the Ruggersberg Priory, and was founding abbot of the monastery at Zell in the Black Forest and of a convent at nearby Bollschweil. In 1091 he became totally blind. He died on July 10, 1093, at Augsburg. Ulrich is known for his authorship of Consuetudines cluniacences, on the liturgy and the direction of monasteries and novices.

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