The Source of Self-Control

Catholic Church 28-12-2023, 19:32

The Source of Self-Control

                                The Source of Self-Control


As the Psalmist said, “How can a young man keep himself pure?” (Ps 119:9). Paul had self-control, probably even over self-stimulation. He had a gift (1 Cor 7:7). There are gifts of self-control in other matters (eating for example).


When we see how holy God is and that we are to be just as holy, then we can't let anything void that. So many things can defile us, but Heb 4:16 avoids the conflict. We are surrendered (Rom 12:1) so that we are above the thought level of the mundane common man who dwells in the territory of the evil one (Eph 2:1-3, 6). We have ascended with Messiah, so we put our thoughts not on earth, but in heaven where He is seated at the right hand of God.


Sometimes we don't even check in, much less go to Him in total surrender and get our direction for the day. We have the morning and evening sacrifice while in the community, but when we are away we are in a more vulnerable place, and we need to go to Him constantly or we will be taken in. Satan is a deceiver so no matter how many times you hear or read Rom 8:5-9, verse 13 is always the testing ground of whether you are in the spirit or in the flesh.


Life or death is always in the making (Mt 12:30; 1 Cor 3:16-17). It's according to how one builds (if he is even on the foundation at all).


In light of the justice and mercy of God, the problem is not that we can't master the flesh or the perversion we have  it is that we won't. The grace is provided (2 Cor 12:5-9).


Heb 10:13; Eph 4:16  All must put all His enemies under His feet, if all will not live for themselves but for Him. This means all your wrong ways. Put them under His feet. The flesh must be fully crucified in all its devious ways. The problem is always me, you, or the person that won't let the thing go. It's not God. He is willing. We must be just as willing to be delivered as He is to deliver us if He is going to set us free from our sins (Mt 1:21).


Why do we hang onto it  to our life?

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