st.Clement of Alexandria-Greek theologian and Father of the Church

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  st.Clement of Alexandria

Feast Day : Formerly December 4



Clement of Alexandria’s date of birth is unknown; his birthplace is likely to have been Athens. He was con- verted and traveled about in search of religious instruction and eventually settled in Alexandria, where he enjoyed the diversity of race, culture and religion. He became attracted to the teachings of Pantaenus, head of the catechetical school of Alexandria. He succeeded Pantaenus in about 190. In 202, persecutions began in Egypt and Clement left Alexandria for Caesarea in Cappadocia, where he met his friend and former pupil, Bishop Alexander, who was converting people from prison. Clement had a profound effect upon another church father, Origen, who succeeded him at Alexandria. He died around 215, probably in Cappadocia. Clement left a large body of writings. Some of his doctrines were found to be erroneous or suspect. Nonetheless, his name was entered in the martyrologies and he was venerated as a saint into the 17th century. Pope Clement VIII (r. 1592–1605) revised the Roman Martyrology and dropped Clement’s name from the list. This decision was upheld by Pope Benedict XIV (r. 1740–58) on the grounds that no cultus had ever established itself around him. Clement’s works have found new favor in modern times.

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