St Bruno Abbot Confessor

St Bruno Abbot Confessor October 6 Bruno Hartenfaust was born at Cologne (Germany) of distinguished parents...

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St Luke

St Luke Evangelist (-c. 74) Saint of the day October 18 St Luke was a native of Antioch, the capital of...

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Saint Gabriel  Catholic Saint

Saint Gabriel Catholic Saint st.Gabriel the Archangel-Name meaning-Hero of God -the mighty one- or _God has...

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st.Raphael the Archangel

st.Raphael the Archangel (One of the principal angels in Judeo-Christian angelologies, accorded the rank of...

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st.Luke the Evangelist

st.Luke the Evangelist (Author of the third gospel and of the Acts of the Apostles) Patronage: art guilds;...

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St Aiphonsus Rodriguez

St Aiphonsus Rodriguez Confessor (1532-1617) Saint of the day October 31 Born on 25 July 1532, St Aiphonsus...

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