Saturday Chaplet To Mary Queen Of Apostles

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Saturday Chaplet To Mary Queen Of Apostles CHAPLETS FOR EACH DAY OF THE WEEK



Saturday Chaplet To Mary Queen Of Apostles


1. Most lovable queen of heaven and of earth, beloved daughter of the Father, sublime mother of the DMne Son, illustrious spouse of the Holy Spirit, I venerate and praise that sole privilege in the world, whereby pleasing God in ‎our humility and preserving your spotless virginity, you became the great mother of the Divine Saviour, our Master, true Light of the world, uncreated Wisdom, source of all truths, and first Apostle of truth.


For the ineffable joy which you felt and for the sublime privilege, I bless the holy Trinity and I beg you to obtain for me the grace of heavenly wisdom, to be a humble and fervent disciple of Jesus, a devoted child of the Church, a pillar of truth.


Make the light of the Gospel shine to the very ends of the world, overcome error, gather all men round the see of Peter, illumine doctors, preach- ers and writers, O mother of good counsel. O seat of wisdom, O queen of saints.


Queen of apostles: pray for us.



2. O Mary, queen of all angels, full of grace, conceived without sin, blessed among creatures, living tabernacle of God, remember the painful and solemn moment in which your dying Jesus from the cross gave you John as your son, and in him all men and especially all the apostles. What a tender love overflowed from your heart at that moment for souls consecrated to the apostolate, to the following of the cross, to the love of Jesus.


For your ineffable sufferings and those of your Divine Son, for your heart of mother, O Mary, increase the glorious ranks of the apostles, of missionaries, of priests, of virgins. Let these souls shine for sanctity of life, integrity of morals, solid piety, profound humility, firm faith and most ardent charity. May they all be saints and the salt of the earth, O teacher of saints, O mother of the great High Priest and yourself victim and altar.


Queen of apostles: pray for us.



3. O virgin most pure, queen of martyrs, morning star, secure refuge of sinners, rejoice for the days in which you were teacher, comforter and mother of the apostles in the Cenacle, to invoke and receive the divine Paraclete, the Spirit with the seven gifts, Love of the Father and of the Son, transformer of the apostles.


By your humble and irresistible prayers which always move God’s Heart, obtain for me the grace to understand the value of the souls which Jesus Christ ransomed from hell with his most precious Blood.


May each one of us be filled with zeal for the beauty of the Christian apostolate; the charity of Christ urges on; the spiritual misery of poor humanity moves us. May we experience in our hearts the needs of youth, of manhood, and of old age. May the needs of peoples throughout the world cast a powerful spell over our souls, so that the apostolate of example and of word, of prayer and of the press, of the movies and of the radio, and of the souls in purgatory, may win many generous souls, even to the point of undergoing the most painful sacrifices, O queen of apostles, O mother of mercy, our advocate, to you we cry, mourning in this valley of tears.


Queen of apostles: pray for us.



4. Our most tender mother Mary, gate of heaven, fountain of peace and happiness, help of Christians, trust of the dying, hope of sinners, remember the blessed moment in which you left the earth to fly to the loving embrace of Jesus. It was God’s singular favour which assumed you, beautiful and immortal, into heaven. I see you exalted above angels and saints, the confessors and virgins, the apostles and martyrs, the prophets and patriarchs. And even I, with all my faults, dare to unite my voice of an unworthy but penitent sinner to theirs to sing your praises.


O Mary, convert me once and for all. Help me lead a penitent life, so that I may die a holy death and may one day raise my voice with that of the saints to praise you in heaven.


I consecrate myself to you and through you to Jesus; I renew, here today, in the presence of the heavenly court, the promises made in holy baptism. I renew the resolution, which I place in your heart, to fight against my pride and to combat unceasingly my predominant fault, which has often caused me to sin, O Mary, let yours be the great glory of changing a sinner into a saint, O refuge of sinners, O morning star, O comforter of the afflicted.


Queen of apostles: pray for us.



5. O Mary, star of the sea, my sweet sov ereign, our life and queen of peace, how great and how sweet was th day on which the holy Trinity crowned you queen of heaven and earth, dispenser of all graces, our most lovable mother! What triumph for us; what happiness for the angels, for the saints, for the earth, for purgatory!


I know, O mother, that he who loves you will be saved and that he who loves you greatly will be a saint and will participate one day in your triumph in heaven. I do not doubt your mercy nor your power. I fear my inconstancy in praying to you. Obtain for me perseverance. O mother, be my salvation. I feel the sting of my passions and the assaults of the devil and the world. Keep me close to you and to your Jesus. Do not let me fall, O mother, do not abandon me for an instant.


It is sweet to tum my first look at you in the morning, to walk beneath your mantle during the day, to fall asleep under your gaze at night. You have smiles for innocent children, strength for militant youth, light for working manhood, comfort for old age which awaits heaven.


Mother, to you I consecrate my whole life; pray for me now and at the hour of my death. Receive my soul when it breathes its last, and do not leave me until I prostrate myself at your throne in heaven, to love you for all eternity. O Mary, my queen, my advocate, my sweetness, obtain for me holy perseverance.


Queen of apostles: pray for us.

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