Taking Care of Jesus

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Taking Care of Jesus: Today when we receive Holy Communion,



Taking Care of Jesus


Today when we receive Holy Communion, we will receive that same Word of God who has existed from all eternity, through whom all things were created, and "who sustains all things."


Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word and Son of God, the fullness of God's revelation, is truly present in the Eucharist.Every Mass is like a new Bethlehem. And so, at every Holy Communion God issues us a new invitation to receive him, to let him into the poor manger of our hearts, and to build our lives around him, just as the Blessed Virgin Mary did.


Jesus came to the world on that first Christmas as a little baby. Before he could fulfill his mission he needed Mary to care for him, watch over him, protect him, feed him, and help him grow. He is a Savior who makes us partners in our own salvation. He can't bring his abundant meaning and power into our lives unless we care for him the same way Mary did. To care for Christ means giving him time each day in sincere and humble prayer.


It means paying attention to his voice as he seeks to guide us through Church teaching and our conscience. It means putting our own comfort in second place, and putting love for God and neighbor in first place - just as every mother must do with her children. And since Christ also happens to be God, if we do our best to take care of him, he will do even more to take care of us. If we accept him, he actually promises to give us "the power to become children of God," to look forward to everlasting life. He always gives much more than he receives. This Christmas, let's give him a chance to give - let's take care of Jesus.

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