Easter Quotes HD Wallpapers The spirit of Easter

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Easter Quotes HD Wallpapers The spirit of Easter


 Easter Quotes

HD Wallpapers The spirit of Easter



"The spirit of Easter is all about Hope, Love and Joyful living. I wish you a very happy Easter!"



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Peter and the disciple whom Jesus loved went into the tomb but did not see the body of Jesus. He is risen as he had promised. The resurrection of Jesus, first of all, reveals that true love never dies. Jesus who is the embodiment of love, who taught nothing but to love could not be held slave by death. Mary Magdalene too reveals that selfless love never ends because the death and the physical separation of Jesus did not diminish her love for him, True love never ends, and true lovers continue to exist long after their death in the hearts of those whom they loved. The resurrection of Jesus, secondly, manifests the power of truth. The Jewish authorities used treachery to condemn him, falsely accused him to charge him, bribed to silence the truth about the resurrection. But the truth prevailed. Even after two thousand years, the truth of Jesus’ resurrection is proclaimed and is believed. The resurrection of Jesus, thirdly, proclaims that good will ultimately triumph over tvil. Jesus was tempted, criticised for being a friend of The poor and the sinners, and condemned to death for blasphemy. The crucifixion and the death of Jesus seemed to assert the triumph of evil over good, but the resurrection proclaims emphatically that the ultimate winners are goodness, truth, faithfulness and selfless love,

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