Prophetic Name of Jesus-prophet

The great prophet in the history of Israel was Moses, although before he died, he prophesied of a future...

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Our Revitalization in Sorrow

There is yet another effect of the natural sunrise which finds a spiritual counterpart in the Dayspring from...

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The Progress of Temptations

The Progress of Temptations CHRIST: MY CHILD, watch yourself especially at the beginning of a temptation....

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The Resurrection of Jesus

The Resurrection of Jesus (Jesus Appears to the Women) After the Sabbath, as the day was dawning, on the...

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Variety of Temptations

Variety of Temptations CHRIST: MY CHILD, some have to bear serious temptations when they resolve to turn to...

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Christmas is the feast of the Savior

Christmas is the feast of the Savior, the feast of Divine love and the feast of Emmanuel 1: Feast of God’s...

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