JUDAISM-Judaism has its roots in the ancient past

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JUDAISM-Judaism has its roots in the ancient past-JUDAISM-ESSENCE OF RELIGIONS-SPREADJESUS.ORG


-Judaism has its roots in the ancient past


Judaism has its roots in the ancient past. By this is meant the religion described in the Hebrew Scriptures or Hebrew Bible [which Christians call the Old Testament]. These books were composed over several hundred years, form about 900 BC to 100 BC.


Hebrew religion was the first to embrace ethical monotheism. An offence against morality is also an offence against God's command, and therefore against God himself. This is the concept of Sin.


The most celebrated part of the law given by God to Moses is the Ten Commandments, the classic summary of mans duties towards God and his neighbour. ln addition to these ten, God gave many other laws to Moses for the Hebrew people. The traditional count is 613.


A synagogue is a hall for meeting, prayer and study. The study of the written law or Torah became a matter of paramount importance.


Judaism sanctifies everyday life,by means of many devices designed to provide reminders of the individual's relationship with God. It accomplishes this especially through the celebration of holy days, rites of passage, dietary laws, and the use of symbols in prayer.


The true name of God is Yahweh, “l Who Am". Out of reverence, however, Orthodox Jews never utter this name, but substitute it with Adonai: Lord.


Many beliefs and regulations of the Torah and the Talmud do no fit easily into the changed conditions of modern life. This led to the emergence of several different branches of Judaism, each possessing its own organization of rabbis and its own system of synagogues.

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