GOD, a spare tyre?

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GOD, a spare tyre? Homily October 22 Monday 29TH Week In Ordinary Time Year-B



GOD, a spare tyre?

Homily October 22 Monday

29TH Week In Ordinary Time Year-B



Readings: Eph 2:1-10; Lk 12:13-21


A big dog was watching a smaller dog chasing its tail! “What are you doing?” he asked. “I am looking for happiness,” the smaller dog said. “Someone told me that happiness is in my tail.” The big dog replied that he had heard that, too. But he discovered that every time he chased his tail it ran away from him. “So now,” he said, “I just relax and do what dogs are supposed to do and I find that happiness comes to me.” Those of us who are chasing after riches to find happiness, should just relax and do just what humans are supposed to do, namely, to rely on God who is the foundation of true happiness. The rich man in the Gospel lacked this foundation (Lk 12:19). There is no indication that he acquired his wealth dishonestly, but his mistake was that he had placed all his security on wealth, as if God was not needed. St Paul says that not even our good deeds merit our ultimate happiness in heaven, rather “it is the gift of God - not because of works” (Eph 2:9). Yes, everything, especially true happiness comes from God. God is not a kind of spare tyre. A spare tyre is forgotten for months until we suddenly have a flat on the road. It is a pity that many forget God in good times; then in an emergency they want him to be on hand.

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