Facing Temptations

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Facing Temptations


Facing Temptations




MY CHILD, with My help you will gradually overcome these temptations which annoy you in your daily life. You are never entirely safe from them. As long as you are in this world, you will have to protect yourself from them. All around you there are people or things which may appeal to your weakness. When you cannot avoid them, meet them with patience rather than with anxiety or thoughtless severity. Correct and remedy what you can. As for things which cannot be remedied, bear them patiently for My sake.


2. Unless you keep your eyes on Me, you cannot stand up under the strain of this daily warfare. Without My help you will never earn the reward of the Blessed in Heaven. Face life bravely. With a firm determination, take definite measures to overcome the temptations in your daily life. I will grant heavenly strength to anyone who makes an honest effort. The sluggard is doomed to miserable failure.


3. Some try to run away from all temptations, and still they go on falling into sin. Flight alone will not conquer all temptations. Wherever you go, you will always find some occasion of sin. By humility, patience, and definite action, you will become strong against the enemies of your soul.





Patience will help me to keep calm in my troubles and difliculties. It will help me think more clearly. As a result, I shall find it easier to turn to God when I need Him. Humility will help me admit my weakness and nothingness. It will make me less irritable and resentful of my distasteful experiences. These two virtues will help me have peace in the middle of my troubles. Then with a definite plan in mind, I can proceed against my faults and conquer my temptations.





My Jesus, with Your help, I hope to do my best each day to overcome my faults and increase my virtues. When matters are beyond my efiorts, and I can only sufier pain or disappointment, then let me see Your Divine Providence arranging my life in that way. Let me accept my cross with patience and humility. I will never stop trying to do my best. As for results, I leave them in Your loving hands. Amen.

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