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    DRESS-Meaning Of DRESS,Biblical Definition Of DRESS,Christian Meanings,Definition Of DRESS



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    Styles of clothing varied among the different classes of people in Israel, and were often a means of showing a person’s status (Gen 37:3; Josh 9:5; 2 Sam 13:18; Isa 3:18-23; Luke 16:19). Ceremonial clothing worn by people in high positions was often richly embroidered, sometimes with gold thread woven into the cloth (Exod 28:4,6,8,15; 39:3; Ps 45:13). There were special garments for special occasions such as weddings and feasts (Isa 61:10; Matt 22:11; Luke 15:22; Rev 19:8). Practices that showed immoral tendencies, such as dressing in clothes of the opposite sex (transvestism), were forbidden (Deut 22:5).


    From earliest times people used cosmetics and perfumes. Some of these developed from what were originally ointments. Most cosmetics were prepared from spices and vegetable oils, though some facial cosmetics were made from minerals (2 Kings 9:30; Jer 4:30; Ezek 23:40).


    To express distress or mourning, people often tore their clothes, dressed in sackcloth, or put on cosmetics that made them look extra miserable (Gen 37:34; 2 Sam 3:31; 1 Kings 21:27; Job 1:20; Isa 58:3,5; Matt 5:16-18; 26:65; Acts 14:14). People taken captive were often humiliated by being made to walk barefoot or naked (Isa 20:4).


    The Bible condemns the practice of making distinctions in the church through favouring those who are well dressed above those who are poorly dressed (James 2:2-5). It discourages God’s people from dressing extravagantly, and emphasizes that good conduct is more desirable than lavish dress (Jer 4:30; Luke 20:46-47; 1 Tim 2:8-10; 1 Peter 3:3-5; cf. Col 3:9-10).


    DRESS-Meaning Of DRESS,Biblical Definition Of DRESS,Christian Meanings,Definition Of DRESS

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