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Knowledge of God and the witness of charity

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Knowledge of God and the witness of charity:The More Important Elements of the Christian Message:



Knowledge of God and the witness of charity



The greatest contribution that Christians can make towards bringing the atheistic world to God is the witness of a life in conformity with Christ’s message of love and of a living and mature faith which is expressed in works of justice and charity (see GS 21).


The right use of human reason should not be neglected, however, for as the Church holds and teaches  God the beginning and end of all things can be known from created things. Not only does this knowledge of God not diminish human dignity, it gives it foundation and stability. The eternal salvation of the human race is indeed the Church’s objective, but at the same time belief in God carries with it a serious obligation to collaborate in solving human problems (see 1 John 4:20- 21). Christians must bear witness to the worth of the Lord’s message by their actions in this field.

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