Bible Verses on Wealth and Presumption from Sirach

The Book of Sirach 6-07-2024, 20:49

Bible Verses on Wealth and Presumption from Sirach

Bible Verses on Wealth and Presumption from Sirach| 

Precepts for Everyday Living Sirach 5:1-8

  • Do not rely on your wealth; do not say, "I am self-sufficient." 
  • Do not let yourself be carried away by your desires and power in pursuing the passions of your heart. 
  •  Do not say, "Who can stop me?" for the LORD will certainly punish you. 
  • Do not say, "I have sinned, but nothing has happened!" for the LORD'S forbearance is long. 
  • Do not be so sure of pardon that you heap sin upon sin. 
  • Do not say, "His compassion is great; he will forgive the vast number of my sins." For with him are mercy and anger, and his fury will be poured out on sinners.  
  • Do not delay your return to the LORD, do not put it off from day to day.  
  •  For suddenly the anger of the LORD will blaze forth, and you will perish on the day of reckoning. 
  • Do not rely On riches wrongfully acquired, for they will be of no use to you on the day of wrath.


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