Bible Verses on True Friendship from Sirach

The Book of Sirach 6-07-2024, 20:06

Bible Verses on Friendship from Sirach

Bible Verses on True Friendship from Sirach| 

True Friendship-Sirach 6:5-17

A gentle word makes many friends, and a courteous tongue calls forth gracious replies. 


Let your friends be many, but your counselors be one in a thousand! 


 If you would gain a friend, begin by testing him, and do not put your confidence in him too quickly. 


For there is the friend who is such when it suits him, but he does not remain faithful in the time of your adversity. 


There is the friend who becomes an enemy, and, to your shame, makes your quarrel known to everyone. 


 There is the friend who shares your table, but does not remain faithful when things go against you. 


In times of prosperity he will be like your shadow, and he will give orders to your servants. 


But, if you are humiliated, he will turn against you and will avoid meeting you. 


Distance yourself from your enemies, and be careful about your friends. 


 The faithful friend is a secure refuge; whoever has found one has found a treasure. 


A faithful friend is beyond all price; hold him as priceless. 


 A faithful friend is a life-saving remedy, and those who fear the LORD will find one. 


 Whoever fears the LORD will make true friends, for, as a man is, such will his friend be.


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