Bible Verses on Advice Regarding Women from Sirach

The Book of Sirach 6-07-2024, 21:09

Bible Verses on Advice Regarding Women from Sirach

Bible Verses on Advice Regarding Women from Sirach|

Advice concerning Women Sirach 9:1-9

  • Do not be jealous of the wife you love, lest you teach her how to disgrace you. 
  • Do not put yourself into the power of any woman to the point where she can dominate you. 
  • Do not go near a woman of ill-repute, for fear of falling into her nets. 
  •  Do not dally with a singing girl, for fear of being caught in her snare. 
  •  Do not fix your gaze on a young girl, lest you be involved with her and pay the bride price.  
  •  Do not deliver yourself into the power of prostitutes, lest you lose your inheritance.  
  •  Do not glance around in the streets of a town; do not loiter in lonely places.  
  • Turn your eyes away from a good looking woman, and do not stare at beauty belonging to another.  
  • For the beauty of a woman has caused many to fall, and in her presence passion blazes up like a fire.  
  • Never sit at table with a married woman or drink wine with her, for fear that your feelings towards her be roused, and that in your passion you slide towards your downfall.


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