Bible Verses on Freedom of Choice from Sirach

The Book of Sirach 6-07-2024, 21:19

Bible Verses on Freedom of Choice from Sirach

Bible Verses on Freedom of Choice from Sirach| 

Freedom of Choice Sirach 9:1-9

  • Do not say, "It was God who made me sin," for he does not cause what he hates. 
  • Do not say, "He led me astray," for he has nothing to do with a sinner.  
  • The LORD hates all evil, and those who fear him hate it as well. 
  • When he created man in the beginning, he left him free to make his own decisions.  
  • If you wish, you can keep the commandments, and it is in your choice to remain faithful.  
  • He has set fire and water before you; stretch out your hand to whichever you prefer.  
  • Life and death are set before man; whichever a man prefers will be given him.  
  • How magnificent is the wisdom of the LORD! He is powerful and all-seeing.  
  •  His eyes are on those who fear him; he knows all the works of man.  
  • He has commanded no one to be godless, and has given no one permission to sin. 


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