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A Prophet’s Chamber

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Bible Stories A Prophet’s Chamber. 2 Kings 4:8-17

A Prophet’s Chamber

2 Kings 4:8-17

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2 Kings 4:8 Now it happened that, on a certain day, Elisha passed by Shunem. And there was a great woman there, who took him to eat bread. And since he frequently passed by there, he turned aside to her house, so that he might eat bread.

2 Kings 4:9 And she said to her husband: “I have noticed that he is a holy man of God, who passes by us frequently.

2 Kings 4:10 Therefore, let us prepare a small upper room for him, and place a bed in it for him, and a table, and a chair, and a lampstand, so that when he comes to us, he may stay there.”

2 Kings 4:11 Then it happened that, on a certain day, arriving, he turned aside into the upper room, and he rested there.

2 Kings 4:12 And he said to his servant Gehazi, “Call this Shunammite woman.” And when he had called her, and she stood before him,

2 Kings 4:13 he said to his servant: “Say to her: Behold, you have ministered to us attentively in all things. What do you want, that I might do for you? Do you have any business, or do you want me to speak to the king, or to the leader of the military?” And she responded, “I live in the midst of my own people.”

2 Kings 4:14 And he said, “Then what does she want, that I might do for her?” And Gehazi said: “You need not ask. For she has no son, and her husband is elderly.”

2 Kings 4:15 And so, he instructed him to call her. And when she had been called, and was standing before the door,

2 Kings 4:16 he said to her, “At this time, and at this same hour, with life as a companion, you will have a son in your womb.” But she responded, “Do not, I ask you, my lord, a man of God, do not be willing to lie to your handmaid.”

2 Kings 4:17 And the woman conceived. And she bore a son, in the time and at the same hour as Elisha had said.

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