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Prayer For The Gift Of Knowledge

Holy Spirit, give yourself to me so that I may distinguish evil from evil, wrong from wrong, and what hurt each one does. Grant me, Spirit of knowledge, the blessing of this gift. This spirit makes a person mindful of the past, wary about the future, and guarded in the present. It brings forth honey from the rock. It turns difficult things to pleasantness, pains to delight, and sins to profit. It is a lantern that illuminates your ways, O Lord, a light for my path; without it, everyone who walks the road of repentance goes astray. This is the spirit that rescued lsrael from slavery in Egypt and freed Joseph from prison. To Job it gave back gifts of many kinds. It made Moses the friend of God. But see! When the enemy who is set against the human race sees that no resistance is being offered, he wages another war in the hope of victory. He stirs up pride, urges revenge, and provokes scorn, so that in this way he may overcome us. Though he promises strength, weakness is the prize that he gives. Against this enemy, O Sweetness of the Lord, give us the gift of knowledge, that by union with the Word of God, we may have the power to stand firmly and resist strongly.



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