st.Isidore of Pelusium-Monk and perhaps abbot of Pelusium, Egypt; Father of the Church

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  st.Isidore of Pelusium

Feast Day : February 4



Isidore of Pelusium was born in Alexandria in the last half of the fourth century. At some point he was inspired to leave his family and belongings and become a monk at the monastery of Lychnos on a mountain near Pelusium. He may have become abbot there. He was renowned for his strict observance of the rule and his austerities. He wore only skins and subsisted on herbs. He said that monks should eat nothing more unless a superior ordered it on account of physical weakness, and they should always obey their superiors. He believed strongly in practicing what one taught and preached. Isidore was devoted to the teachings of St. John Chrysostom and was a contemporary of St. Cyril of Alexandria. He argued against heresy, especially that of the Nestorians. Isidore wrote two treatises, Adversus Gentiles and De Fato, but they are lost. The only surviving writings of the saint are 2,182 of his estimated 10,000 letters. Some of the extant letters deal with dogma, Scripture, heresy, and ecclesiastical and monastic discipline.

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