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Man's Daily Trials


Man's Daily Trials




MY CHILD, one who does not know My plan might easily be discouraged by the trials of this earthly life. Life on earth is so short. Hardly ever is it free from grief and troubles. Men on earth are stained with many sins, deceived by many desires, enslaved by many fears, endangered by many snares, distracted by many curiosities, entangled with vanities, surrounded by errors, tired with labors, troubled by temptations, exhausted with pleasure, tormented with many wants.


2. Affilictions and sorrows are seldom absent. You are surrounded by so many traps and enemies. Scarcely does one trouble or temptation go, when another arrives. Often enough, the first trouble is still with you when others come. You may wonder that anyone can [love this earthly existence with its misfortunes, bitterness, and miseries. Yet, in spite of all this, many love this earthly life and seek all their delight in it.


3. Yet, My loyal follower can smile and be glad through all the darkness and trials. He does not fix his eyes on the present trial, but on the main purpose of his earthly life. He looks beyond the present darkness to the horizon where the light of the eternal day will soon break forth. Then will you be freed from the miserable slavery of your unreasonable desires and selfish ambitions. Then will you find your perfect joy, your all satisfying life. You will possess at last the true liberty of Heaven without any hindrances, without pain of body or mind the liberty which I alone can give.





Life on earth is short and full of dissatisfactions and necessities. Yet God is a wise and loving Father. Every parent seems stern when he is training his children. When they have grown up strong in virtue and firm in character, only then do they appreciate their father’s wisdom and love. So, too, with us. We little dream how weak we are until we feel the call to ease, selfishness and pride. We might never suspect what we really are if God had not given us a life of trial on earth. God made me for Heaven, a reward I cannot even begin to imagine. He asks that I do what I can, to be less unworthy of Heaven, by striving on earth for some of His goodness and holiness.




My loving God, what good is it for me to think myself better than I really am? Lord, if it were not for my earthly trials, I might never have known how selfish and proud I really am. I thank you, my God, for giving me this chance to become in fact what I desire to be in theory. Actions are the proof of true virtue. Every trouble and sorrow on earth was placed here, or permitted, by Your infinite wisdom. You know what I need, to make me a truly holy man. Some day I shall thank You for many a trial which now weighs me down. Make me unselfish enough to follow Your commands, whether my life be filled with prosperity or misery. Treat me as You wish, and it will be best for‘ me. Amen.